FtBConscience 3 online conference

January 23–25
I gave opening remarks.

Creating Change Conference hosted by the National LGBTQ Task Force

February 4–8 in Denver, CO
I tabled for CFI and helped present two workshops: Atheism 101, and Coming Out Twice.

Darwin Week hosted by the University of Northern Iowa Freethinkers and Inquirers

February 11 in Cedar Falls, IA
I gave a presentation titled “Atheism Beyond America: Fighting Superstition and Religious Extremism in Africa and India.”

Freethought Festival 4 hosted by the Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics at the University of Wisconsin – Madison

March 13–15 in Madison, WI
I presented “The Science of Change: Evidence-Based Methods for Effective Activism” and tabled for CFI.

American Atheists Convention

April 2–5 in Memphis, TN
I tabled for the Center for Inquiry.

Reason for Change, a conference of the Center for Inquiry

June 11–14 in Amherst, NY
I was co-moderator of a panel titled “The Humanist Movement and Social Justice Issues.” I also gave tours of the Center for Inquiry campus before and after the conference.

50th Anniversary Celebration of the LGBT Civil Rights Movement

July 3–5 in Philadelphia, PA
I attended several events celebrating the Annual Reminders and other notable milestones in LGBT civil rights history.

CFI Leadership Conference: “Moving Freethought Forward”

July 31–August 2 in Amherst, NY
CFI’s Outreach Department organizes this annual event for student and branch leaders.

Philadelphia Folk Festival

August 13–16 in Schwenksville, PA
This was my 16th year attending.

Secular Women Work conference

August 21–23 in Minneapolis, MN
I gave opening remarks and participated on two panels: “Taking Over from the Old Guard,” and “Getting Your Message Across in Spite of a Hostile Press.”

SkepDakota hosted by the Siouxland Freethinkers

August 29 in Sioux Falls, SD
I led a workshop on diversity in the freethought movement.

Institute for Humanist Studies Symposium: “Humanism on Race, Gender, and Class”

November 13–15 at Rice University in Houston, TX
I delivered a paper titled “Humanism is People: Examining Problems Within the Humanist Movement and Humanist Communities.”