Moving Secularism Forward, a conference of the Council for Secular Humanism

March 1–4 in Orlando, FL
I moderated a panel on advocacy and outreach.

Symposium: Race, Religion, and Representation

Cosponsored by the Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics (AHA) at the University of Wisconsin – Madison
March 15–16 in Madison, WI
I gave a presentation on “Diversity in the Atheist Movement.”

Reason Rally 2012

March 24 in Washington, DC
I staffed a table representing the Center for Inquiry.

American Atheists Annual Convention

March 25–26 in Bethesda, MD
I staffed a table representing CFI and African Americans for Humanism.

CFI Institute: Secularism on Campus

April 3 at the University of Pittsburgh, PA
I gave a presentation about the history of CFI On Campus.

Global Atheist Convention

April 13–15 in Melbourne, Australia
I participated in a student leadership event on Friday, then attended the main conference.

Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism NECSS)

April 20–22 in New York, NY
I staffed a table for CFI.

Freethought in Black History and Culture

May 7 at Bronx Community College, Bronx, NY
I was one of three panelists discussing religion, atheism, and the Black community.

Women in Secularism conference hosted by the Center for Inquiry

May 18–20 in Arlington, VA
I was on a panel, “The Future of Women in Secularism,” with Jamila Bey, Greta Christina, and Jennifer McCreight, moderated by Jennifer Michael Hecht.

CFI Leadership Conference

June 21–24 at CFI–Transnational in Amherst, NY
CFI’s Outreach Department puts on this annual event for student and community leaders.


July 5–9 in Bloomington, MN
I participated on several panels.

51st Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival

August 16–19 in Schwenksville, PA
This was my 13th year camping and attending the Fest.

Atlanta Skeptics Star Party

August 30 in Atlanta, GA


August 31–September 3 in Atlanta, GA
I participated on a panel about skepticism.

CSICon 2, “The Conference Dedicated to Science and Skeptical Inquiry”

October 25–28 in Nashville, TN
I did a workshop with Skepchicks Elyse, Maria, Heina, and Surly Amy titled “Applied Skepticism: Everyday Nonsense and What You Can Do About It.”


November 17 in Guelph, ON
I was on a Skepticism 101 panel.